Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Robinson Crusoe Book Review

Book Review #4

Title: Robinson Crusoe
Author: Daniel Defoe
Genre: Adventure
ISBN: 0-7105-0074-2

This book is an adventure book about a man named Robinson Crusoe. When Robinson was a young boy he loved ships and sailing, when he grew older he would get jobs on ships and boats. But something drastically changes his life.

One day on a Brazilian coast Robinson was traveling there with his new boat planning to sell goods, he then met a man who was eager to buy his boat. Robinson was so kind that he gave his boat and all the goods in it for, the man was very thankeful that he invited him to travel on his fine and big trading ship, Robinson agreed immediately. They set sail immediately.

While Robinson was on the ship full of slaves for sale a terrible storm brew up.

The storm tossed the boat up and down causing some people to fly over. The storm was so strong that it brought down the boat and everyone with it… or did it?

To find out more read the Book!!!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Case Of Murder

1) What happens in the poem?
A boy in a basement flat with a cat which he hates. Later on he kills the cat by slamming the door.

2) What are your first impressions of the boy in the poem?
He was in a orphanage because his parents left him to grow up there.

3) Why do you think the boy was so violent?
Because when he was a baby he was mistreated by his parents and got shouted and beaten a lot.

4) What object is is used and what significant might it have?
Used For:
It was used to poke the cat

I Think it was the cane that was used to beat him and the cat kind of represents him.

Used For:
To shovel the cat into the cupboard.

It represent how his parents sent hime away.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Book Review #3

Book: The Mountain Of Adventure
Author: Enid Blyton

This series is about 4 kids who always get muddled into a fascinating adventure and thats the reasons I like this book because I like adventure. The adventures they usually have is going somewhere or finding something no humans has ever been/ done. The adventure in this book is about the kids finding a secret entrance into a mountain and finding an Scientist creating wings! If you want to find out more you should really read the book!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Wild Self

Recently in english I have been creating a wild self in this webpage. It is a webpage where you can recreate yourself in a wild way! In this blog post I will write a interesting description on how my character look like and of course a picture.

My character has yellow blond hair with red devil horns with big furry bunny ears and a mouth full with sharp and pointy fangs. I have a pair vicious green eyes and a thin eyebrow. I have a plain red t-shirt with a yellow lightning bolt smack in the middle. I also have humongous crab hands and sleek bat wings. Last but not least I have eight hairy spiders legs which are in a black and yellow pattern.

Can you draw me?

Scroll till the bottom to see the picture!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Invisibility Power

Invisibility Power #1

So what if you had an invisibility power? Do you think you could be a hero with it or a killer? Well this is a story how I got an invisibility power and how I used it... 

My name is Robert; I'm just a teen living in the most famous city in the world, NEW YORK! As we all know it is as busy as Facebook on a Saturday evening. I live in Columbus Circle near the most wonderful park ever, the Central Park. 

I was on my way home from my school when I met a street vender selling magic balls,  the old vender looked at me with an icy stare which stopped my heart pumping. I hurriedly past her, but then I heard a shaky voice in my head whispering slowly: 

"You will have great power soon... Use it wisely!"

When I looked back in curiosity I saw the street vender was... gone!


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Journey to the centre of the earth

This book was the most amazing book I ever did. It was the journey to the centre of the earth. By Jules Verne. It was a story set in Germany, (Go Germany!) in a small town. There was a Professor and his grandson. They were extremely smart like an elephant and knew over 400 languages. But one day the professor found something on going to the centre of the Earth and finding strange creatures and horrible obstacles. To find out what happens read the amazing and adventures book will they make it out of the centre of the Earth find out in THE JOURNY TO THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thunder Storms

Dark cloud invade the sky bringing terror  among the people. A sudden flash of light fills the sky, seconds later a piercing rumble follows. Moments later an ear piercing rumble fills the sky. Droplets start pelting down  as in a cold shower. As the droplets hits the ground it makes the sound of plastic wrapping being crumpled together. The smell is like the smell of your shower after a hot bath. If you want to go outside you better bring a umbrella because the little raindrops will pelt on you like pins and needles.  After a while the rain lightens slowly until it stops. Sunlight gleams on the huge puddles throughout the day.